Our history goes back to 1974 when computing was in its infancy. Back in those days we were called GTC or Geelong Time-sharing Centre. GTC provided online computer bureau accounting services and software development to businesses.

The company was named after the computing term 'time-sharing' which is the sharing of a computing resource among many users by means of multi-programming and multi-tasking. In the 1970's time sharing represents a major technological shift in the history of computing.

Time-sharing dramatically lowered the cost of providing computing capability, allowing a large number of users to interact concurrently with a single computer so made it possible for businesses to use a computer without owning one. Even back then we were helping businesses to lower their costs.

In 90’s GTC developed their first POS system.

Over the years our software has been redeveloped to keep pace with and take advantage of industry trends.


1974 - GTC was founded in Geelong by Graeme McCracken and provided software solutions to businesses.

1995 - GTC developed their first POS system.

1998 - GTC is awarded a certificate of accreditation from Mitre 10.

1998 - GTC signs contract to provide POS system to Rays Tent City chain of stores.

1999 - Keith Fotheringham, senior developer becomes partner after being employed by the company for the previous 13 years. Name is changes to Acumen Computer Systems.

2000 - Acumen moves premises from Mc Killop Street Geelong to 107 Gheringhap Street Geelong.

2000 - Acumen is rolled out to all Ted’s Cameras stores.

2012 - Acumen announced as one of five major POS vendors to Mitre 10.