Our commitment to R&D

We are committed to R&D so that we can provide our customers with the latest technologies to give them a competitive edge. This is particularly important in the current economic environment and competition from online retailing.

There is currently a trend to increase the customer experience in-store with the use of technology. Devices such as mobile POS, tablet computers and smart phones all enhance this experience allowing bricks and mortar retailers to be more competitive against online stores.

Our R&D team work closely with sales and marketing teams who have regular contact with our customers. Our developers too have regular direct involvement with our customers by working with them on large projects.

The team is constantly upgrading the software to keep up with changes in technology, industry trends and accounting practices.

R&D Team

Our R&D team is based at our head office in Geelong. The longest serving member of the team has been employed by Acumen for over fourteen years. Each of them have great knowledge of business systems and have intimate understanding of retail, wholesale and trade. Their technical knowledge spans across many software platforms and languages. The developers keep abreast of the latest technologies by attending regular seminars, industry publications and training.

Current projects:

· eCommerce

· Signature pads

· Advanced logistics and stock tracking using portable devices

· A 'lite' version of our software