Six Things To Consider When Choosing a POS System For a Steel Supplier


POS software for steel suppliers

Supplying steel should be simple – right? Well, as you probably already know it is not!

There are a number of extra things associated with buying and selling steel that are not an issue with other products. For example steel comes in different units of measure, is too large to bring to the counter and there is wastage. POS Software for a steel supplier should be able to handle these types of industry specific requirements.

Below we list things to consider when choosing a point of sale system for the steel industry.

1. POS Software with different units of measure

Steel is purchased and sold in a number of different units of measure such as lineal meter, fixed lengths, sheets, weight and packs etc. Ensuring the POS software can handle all of these is critical. Also a handy feature for the system to have is the ability to tally up different lengths of steel which have the same product code.

Using POS Software to Control Cash Flow


Cash flow text

Recent studies by National Australia Bank show that 93% of business owners and managers worry about cash flow, causing effects on their personal lives. Put together a solid cash flow forecast using your POS software.

Keep it simple

Keep it as simple as you can. Focus on issues that you can control and affect your cash flow the most. Then work any extra issues as you find them.

Standard cash flow methods

Ensure you collect cash flow measurement using the same collection standards.

Use your POS software to chart the data

Use a simple chart with control limits so data can have a variation between the acceptable guide lines. I call these upper and lower control limits, where collected data can run without having to react. If you get a run of 7 or more consecutive data points above or below the average line or outside control limits then investigation and corrective action is required.

The benefits of POS Software

September 2014


Acumen POS software boxDo you have a feeling that you are wasting time and money because you don’t have POS software?

One of our customers with a retail store and 4 staff recently told me she has saved $20,400 per annum by putting in a POS system.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect:

Speed up at point of sale

The use of barcodes and barcode scanners speeds up the checkout process. Quicker throughput means happier customers.

POS software brings better stock control

Better stock control ensures you always have just the right amount of stock on the shelf. Having the right amount of stock means you won’t have unnecessary capital tied up in stock that isn’t moving. On the flip side, you will always have stock available for customers to purchase.