Mitre 10 names Acumen as major POS System vendor

June 2012

Major POS System Vendor to Mitre 10

Mitre 10 has recently announced a list of five of its major POS System vendors. These retail system vendors work closely with Mitre 10 on integration and other functionality within their point of sale systems. We are proud to announce that Acumen is one of these five major POS System vendors.

POS Software With Special Prices

Webstore Integration To Point of Sale System

webstore integration to point of sale systemMore and more 'bricks and mortar' retailers are now also selling online. With this however come complexities such as the separation of the web store data from the data in the POS system e.g. sales and stock on hand. There are many different web stores and POS systems with no real standards in place for integrating the two. I have talked to many people in this situation and found that most spend many hours manually entering data from their web store into their POS system and vice versa.

Backing Up Your POS Software Data

Backup Your POS Software DataI recently came across the story of a company whose data had been held to ransom by hackers. The hackers password encrypted all of the companies data and demanded $5,000 to have the data restored. The company in question did regularly back up its data but it was to a USB stick which was left plugged into the server at all times. The hackers deleted the data on the USB stick before encrypting the data on the server.

Although this case was a rare one it made me think to remind you to back up your business data. The more common reason to back up your data