Factory Order POS Software

Factory Order POS SoftwareThe factory order feature in Acumen can be used to control the manufacturing of products. It's a great way to control stock, labour costs and the whole manufacturing process.

The materials required to manufacture are added to a list associated to the product. By adding an item to this list for labour enables tracking of the labour costs also.

Keep Good Stock Control In Your POS System

Keep Good Stock Control In Your POS SystemGood stock control is one of the hardest things to stick to. It is however one of the most effective ways to free up capital in excess inventory, reduce picking errors in the warehouse, and avoid missed sales opportunities due to out-of-stock products.

Good stock control has to be a part of the culture of a business and must start from the top down, so lead by example. It requires a continuous, concentrated effort by all departments not just at an operational level. Create standard operating procedures for all key stock areas and ensure staff understand the importance of following these.

POS Software With Special Prices

POS Software With Special PricesThe 'special prices' feature in Acumen is a great way to promote buying activity and retain existing customers. Special prices can be set against store wide promotions, different clubs or individual customers. Products can be added to special prices individually or by group.

The reduced price can be entered manually, by applying a percentage discount or by applying a special markup on cost. Promotions can have a start and end date and the effectiveness can be tracked by setting up a promotion code and running associated reports.