Makit Hardware Explain The Benefits Of Choosing The Acumen POS System

June 2014

POS System for hardware store

In January 2014 Makit Hardware started using the Acumen POS system. Although their previous system had served them well, it ran slow, had limited features and the available support was limited.

Store owners Kevin and Jarrad Elliott considered several options and finally settled on Acumen because of the many features and Australian based support team.

Here are the main benefits as explained by Jarrad:

POS System With Special Prices

The ability to give special prices to particular customers and customer groups is building loyalty. Jarrad has to simply set it up once and his sales staff provide the special prices automatically.

Supplier Integration Built Into The POS System

Supplier integration gives Jarrad the ability to import product data including pricing directly from his suppliers. He also has the ability send purchase orders electronically with order confirmations coming back automatically. This is done in bulk which is a great time saver.

6 Things To Consider When Choosing A POS System For Timber Yards


POS system for timber yardRunning a timber yard should be simple – right? Well, as you probably already know it is not!

There are a number of extra things associated with buying and selling timber that are not an issue with other retail products. For example timber comes in different units of measure, is too large to bring to the counter and there is wastage. Point of sale systems for a timber yards should be able to handle these types of industry specific requirements.

10 Great POS System Reports

October 2013

POS system reportsOne of the main benefits of having a POS system is the ability to run reports. Reports give business owners, managers and staff great insights into the business enabling them to make informed business decisions.

Point of sale systems come with a variety of reports including reports for stock, sales, prices, orders, purchasing, banking, creditors, debtors, and general ledger accounting. Depending on the report type it should be run at the end of the day, end of month, quarterly, or at the end of the financial year.