Automatic Purchasing Point of Sale Software

Automatic Purchasing Point of Sale SoftwareAccurately purchasing replacement stock is a difficult and time consuming task. If you don’t purchase enough of a product, you will run out of stock and lose out on sales. Purchase too much and you tie up money and shelf space. Many retailers spend many hours calculating order quantities to enter into their POS system or employ staff to perform this task.

Automatic purchasing uses an algorithm to calculate order requirements. Point of sale systems with automatic purchasing allow you to expedite processing and delivery, accelerate cash flow and minimise manual labour and mistakes.

Importing a product file into your POS system

Data entry into a POS system can be time consumingEntering new products into a POS system is usually done when first setting it up or when adding a new range of products from a new supplier. Updating products should be done on a regular basis to maintain cost, RRP and margins etc. Manually this can take a lot of time, so importing the product file directly into your POS system is often a better option. One of our clients saves one week in labour per annum by importing product files.

Many suppliers will be able to provide you with their product file in the form of a spreadsheet which will typically contain fields such as product code, description, barcode, supplier code, cost, RRP, wholesale price, unit of measure and minimum order quantity

End of life for LP / TLP2844 POS Hardware

lp2844 Point of sale HardwareThe popular Zebra LP / TLP 2844 series barcode printers are going end of life. They are still available from some vendors, but we are now transitioning our customers that require additional printers to the GK420 series. The GC420 series can also be a suitable replacement in most cases. Transitioning to the new models is simple