Support Services

Here at Acumen, we pride ourselves on the consistently professional support we provide our customers. Our support is more than just a call centre to fall back on when you run into a problem. We make it a point to get to know you and your business on a more personal level through regular phone contact and on-site visits. Through this approach, we are able to gain a more comprehensive understanding of your business and the problems that you might be experiencing. This enables us to work with you to resolve these issues and streamline your business using our specially designed software.

Our support team offers the following benefits:

•    Personalised 24/7 support from our Australia-based team
•    Software customisation
•    Custom reports
•    Software upgrades

Personalised 24/7 support from our Australia-based team

The recent trend among our competitors is to base their support teams overseas in countries like India or the Philippines. This helps the companies save money by taking advantage of the cheaper labour costs in these countries. While outsourcing customer support is great for a business’s bottom line, it is less than ideal for its customers, who often end up frustrated by communication barriers and the hassle of dealing with different support people each time.
But at Acumen, things are different. We provide personalised support from our skilled team, based right on Australian soil in Geelong. This means that when you call us, you speak to someone in Australia who you know. Each member of our support team has an excellent understanding of business systems used in the retail, wholesale and trade industries. They work effectively and responsively with you to successfully address business objectives and problems.

Software Customisation

Our software boasts all of the features needed to establish and maintain a fully functioning business in the retail, wholesale, and trade sectors. Throughout Acumen’s long history, we have faced many business problems. The invaluable thing about our vast experience in the software industry is that we’ve put our knowledge to work for you. Our software therefore has the expert solutions we developed for these problems already incorporated into its system for the benefit of all customers.
However, every business is different, and it is often this difference that gives each organisation an edge over its competitor. Being on support means we will perform minor customisation updates of the software to ensure you get the most out of your system and that it meets your company’s particular needs.

Custom Reports

Reliable data is one of the most important factors of a successful business. It provides business owners and managers with valuable insight that enables them to make informed decisions, as well as any necessary adjustments to keep their business functioning smoothly.
Reporting is one of the biggest strengths of our Acumen POS system. We offer 150-200 standard reports, including those designed for stock, sales, and accounts. However, there may be times when the report that you need does not exist or is not available with the specific components or design you need. With our support, we will build your own customised reports to give you the necessary insights into your business.

Software Upgrades

Our software is constantly being updated and improved by our team of developers. On Acumen support, customers receive every new upgrade, allowing you to stay on track with the latest trends in business, accounting, and technology.

Call our hotline at 1800-ACUMEN 24 hours a day, 7 days a week